Privacy Policy

Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc.
Privacy Policy

The Muscular Dystrophy Association, Inc. (“MDA”) Privacy Policy applies to MDA’s main website at and all other websites operated by MDA (collectively, the “MDA Websites”).  Our postal address is 3300 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ  85718-3299.  We can be reached via email at, or by telephone at (520) 529-2000.  This Privacy Policy includes, where applicable, a “Notice of Information Practices With Regard to Children” and “Parental Review of Information.”

Information Collection and Use

When you visit an MDA Website, our server does not automatically capture your domain name or email address.  You may use an MDA Website without disclosing personal information.

Some MDA Websites permit a user to register by creating an account and selecting a unique password.  It is optional for a user to complete a registration form.  If a user chooses to complete one, a user is required to give certain information (e.g., name, age, birth date, postal address, email address, and telephone number).  This information is used to contact the user about the services on the MDA Website for which they have expressed interest.

The information we collect is used to improve the content of the MDA Websites, to advise visitors of new on-line material, and to provide occasional updates about our research efforts and what's new at MDA.  Information generated through the MDA Websites is not shared with other organizations for commercial purposes, and is only shared with third parties who provide support for the internal operations of the MDA Websites and our agents (e.g., contractors who provide fulfillment, hosting, and other services or technical support to the MDA Websites).  All such third parties with whom we share information have agreed to maintain security and integrity of personal information.

If you supply us with your name, address, telephone numbers, and email address, we will use this information for the service or information you have requested.  We collect the email addresses of those who communicate with us via email, aggregate information on which pages visitors access, and gather information volunteered by the visitor, such as on-line donation data, survey information, and/or guest book registrations.  Personal data such as your name, address, and payment information may be collected for the purposes of: responding to a specific question, advising visitors of new online material, activities and events, and offering opportunities for contributing to local and national programs and research initiatives.

If you make a donation on an MDA Website, your email address will be entered into our Donor Database.


MDA uses Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) encryption to protect credit card and other information submitted through the MDA Websites.  SSL is the industry standard security protocol.

Opt-Out Policy

If you do not wish to receive future email communications from MDA, please let us know by sending an email to and include the word “remove” in the subject line.

If you supply us with your postal address on-line, you may receive periodic mailings from us with information about our programs, upcoming events and/or opportunities to support our efforts.  If you do not want to receive such mailings, please send an email to, include the words “no mail” in the subject line, and provide us with your exact name and address.  We’ll be sure your name is removed from our mailing list.

People who supply us with their telephone numbers on-line may receive a call from us if there are questions regarding orders placed on-line or donations made via credit card.

Notice of Information Practices With Regard to Children

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) requires that we inform parents and legal guardians about how we collect, use, and disclose personal information from children under 13 years of age.

MDA encourages the interactive nature of online media, and we strive to safeguard the privacy of individuals who use the MDA Websites.  Children under the age of 18 must obtain their parents’ consent before entering any information on any MDA Website.

At MDA, it’s our policy to not ask for any more personal information from any of our visitors, including children, as a condition of participation, than is reasonably necessary to participate in a the activities offered on an MDA Website.  Generally, MDA limits the identifiable information collected from children to their name, age, birth date, address, city, state, zip code, email address, parent’s/guardian’s email address, and telephone number.

When a child attempts to register and/or provide personal information on an MDA Website, we require a parent or legal guardian to:

  1. Review our Privacy Policy and agree to the Waiver/Agreement;
  2. Complete the registration form;
  3. Submit a valid credit card number to verify that the child’s parent or guardian knows about and authorizes our information practices related to children; and
  4. Verify through the use of an email confirmation and second authorization that the parent or guardian agrees to the Waiver/Agreement and this Privacy Policy.

Once parental notice and consent has been verified, the information we collect will be treated the same as information collected from any other user of the MDA Websites.  Without verified parental notice and consent, we will not knowingly collect personal information of children under 13 years of age, and if we learn that we have inadvertently collected such information, we will promptly delete it.

All identifiable information about children is used by MDA only in connection with the MDA activity for which children may register and is not shared with third parties other than those who provide support for the internal operations of the MDA Websites and our agents (e.g., contractors who provide fulfillment, hosting, and other services or technical support to the MDA Websites).  All such third parties with whom we share information have agreed to maintain security and integrity of personal information.

Parental Review of Information

Parents and legal guardians may review all identifiable information collected about their child, have this information deleted, and/or request that there be no further collection or use of their child’s identifiable information by contacting us by letter, telephone, or email using the contact information provided at the top of this page.  Please be sure to include your email address and a telephone number where we can reach you.  To protect your child's privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting you access to the personal information that we collect and maintain about your child.